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Uncle George's Wallet Holsters

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Testimonials and Feedback
  I was formerly a sponsor of the Elsie Pea Forum which changed ownership and is now the Ruger Pistol Forum.  As a sponsor I had a section where folks could post feedback about my wallet holsters.  The new owners of the forum ubersubstantially raised the cost of sponsorship and reduced the ad space making it not worth the cost anymore for me.  Under the new ownership the forum has remained a good source of information for concealed carry weapons and I recommend it.
  I collected a good sampling of the feedback and testimonials that was posted on the forum over a 4-year period before I declined to renew my sponsorship and am offering it below.  There are also some copies of emails I have received and postings on other gun forums included.  Hope you find these as helpful to you as they have been encouraging to me.  Thank you for your responses!

May 7, 2017
Hello Uncle George,
I had to write you to express my absolute satisfaction with the wallet holster my wife bought me for my Kahr CW380.  The holster is perfect in appearance, quality of materials, design and craftsmanship.  Upon arrival, the holster had a very tight fit yet still allowed for a smooth draw.  One thing I was worried about is my CW380 is the Tungsten special edition model which comes with taller sights than the standard P380/CW380 bar-dot sights.  My worry was for naught, the pistol fits perfectly.  I couldn't be happier and fully endorse your product.  It is nice to see there are still craftsmen producing quality goods at a fair price. A happy customer, Christopher P.

April 31, 2017
Hey George,  Love your no bullsh*t website!  Wish you made holsters for other guns, as I love the one I have for the S&W Bodyguard!  Wish others could be as frank and open as you are - very refreshing!  Best!  Chuck B.

April 3, 2017
George, thanks for sending so fast and making such a great holster. I bought one for my first pistol which i loved my pico. Now hand problems make me unable to rack it. Was deciding between sw mp 380 and ruger lcp 2. Decided to go with a much safer trigger in the sw bodyguard. After i ordered the new holster i saw your comments about the lcp 2. I guess great minds think a like!  Thanks again for your great wallets.  Robert S.

February 4, 2017
I cannot understand how Ruger could release a single action version of the most carried gun in the country without a manual safety on it. Sure experienced shooters may be comfortable with this, but I know tons of people who carry this gun in pockets and purses with keys and other object. So not only could drawing the pistol out of a holster risk the short trigger pull, but so could objects that get wedged into the trigger guard... which on a DAO gun would be extremely unlikely.

I love the feel of the action of the new trigger, but it is going to result in people getting hurt, or I fear killed. I carry with a round chambered, because racking the slide is a sure give away to someone who intends you harm that you have a gun... defeats the purpose.

I really wanted this gun because of the trigger improvements, but without a manual safety on single action sub-compact pocket pistol it is horrible negligent. The LCP has become ubiquitous as to go to pocket pistol for inexperienced shooters and experienced shooters alike. Do they not realize the risk they are placing people under?

I just had to mention that I appreciate you bringing this to peoples attention, because when I found it was Striker-Style Singe-Action , I was disturbed to find they had no added a manual safety. Your decision not to make holsters for this gun may save lives.  Joseph V.V.

January 14, 2017
Uncle George,
Received my holster for my 2nd generation LCP.  Looks great and am very pleased with it and have been wearing it every day.  I couldn't agree more on your stance on the new LCP II trigger.  I tried one out and came to the same conclusion.  Hopefully Ruger will keep selling the older 2nd Gen LCP.   Keep up the good work!  Randy -  Aurora, CO

January 12, 2017
 I've been using your holster for my LCP for a while now and absolutely love it.  I'm a utilities contractor in Chicago, Il.  I work in some of the worst neighborhoods usually at night and I carry my Glock 19 in a raw dog IWB holster and my LCP in your wallet holster as a backup.  I'm a legal CCW in IL.  Your holster is so comfortable sometimes I forget that it is even back there.  Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.  I'm turning on some of my co workers to CCW and if any are considering a small sub compact pistol such as the LCP or Bodyguard I will definitely refer them to your holster.  Chicago, Illinois

December 30, 2016
Sir.  Five years ago I purchased one of your holsters for my LCP.  In that time, it has been a very rare occasion that I did no have the LCP/UG holster on my person--period.  Even when I had other weapons on my person, the LCP/UG holster was always in my pocket.  I have considered purchasing the LCP II if its as good as the "experts" say it is and you decide to make the holster.  Without your holster, the LCP II for me is not going to happen.  This is a FYI email only.  Thanks for the superb holster.  Larry C. - LT/Col. USMC Ret.

November 28, 2016
Hello George,
I have been using the holster since it arrived.  Fits the Pico just fine.  You do quality work!  thanks, Jim S - Coppell, TX

November 16, 2016
Thank you for your Ruger LCPII warning on your page!  I have recently been searching for a pocket carry pistol and am soon ordering a Remington RM380 with CT Laser.  I was excited to see the LCP II offering and came away thinking, "great gun, but I'd be scared to death to pocket carry it."  Sounds like great minds think alike, LOL.  So anyway, I don't know what Ruger was thinking with the trigger like that on a small pocket gun.  I just hope people don't get accidentally hurt.  Glad to se you take a stank and put out a warning.  Now, on to check out your wallet holster for the RM380.  Have a great weekend! Scott M.

July 7, 2016
My holster arrived today! Thanks for the super fast delivery. I love the holster. Now I need to practice my draw...with an unloaded gun, of course. John P - Alabama

July 2, 2016


Thank you for making my new wallet holster.  I am simply amazed at how well it fits my Ruger and while using gives the outline and impression of nothing but a wallet in my back pocket.  I am VERY happy with my purchase!!  Dan N - FL


June 28, 2016
I ordered the holster on Friday and received it on Tues. I'm pleased with this little gem of a holster! Looks great! I watched your videos which was a great help. I showed my brother and now he wants one. Thank you Uncle George!   Jim D - Florida

June 23, 2016

Hello, "Uncle George",

I have had my UG wallet holster for some time now and have been meaning to thank you for a great product. I bought the holster for my LCP. Since then I have upgraded to the LCP Custom. Your holster accommodates that pistol with no problems whatsoever.  David


May 14, 2016
Received the holster. Perfect fit again. Thanks, Jerry - Illinois

May 11, 2016

Just received your wallet holster for kahr p380.  Fantastic! Just thought you should know.   Howard S.


May 3, 2016
You may have a ten day return policy. However...
I want you to know that you will NOT be getting mine back. I really like this carry device.  Thanks, Mark G.

May 2, 2016
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the black leather holster I bought from you several years ago. When I first got it it was a little stiff and I thought it was not going to work. After about 2 weeks of carrying I could feel the leather starting to limber up kinda like a good ball glove does after use. Anyway, I still carry this gun and holster every day and believe me it is just as nice now as when it was new.  You've got a winner as far as I'm concerned. Keep up the good work as I will be referring both my sons soon.  Mike

March 14, 2016
George, just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my KR CTL holster. It is very refreshing to purchase a Made in USA product and have it perform as advertised and live up to expectations.  Top quality material,  perfect in every way. I am carrying a Kahr P380 that I machined the slide release down to a more reasonable size. Holster is conforming nicely. Very comfortable. I can't tell you how many times I get ready for bed and find the Kahr still in my pocket. I don't even think about it during the day. Again, thanks for an excellent product.   Will definitely recommend to my friends.   Randy

February 24, 2016
Uncle George,
     I have received my holster, and I have to say that it is great!  It's very high quality, and the fit is second to none. This holster makes me want to buy another pocket gun. Maybe the 380 LCP since it's smaller than my 9mm. Anyway, I really appreciate you making these holsters. Good old fashion American quality.   JJ

January 29, 2016
I am very impressed with my new holster for my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380. I tried a few different pocket holsters and was never real happy with how they sat in my pocket. A friend of mine told me about wallet style holsters and after a fair amount of looking around I saw a recommendation for Uncle George.  I ordered a couple weeks ago and it was delivered quickly. Perfect fit, super comfortable, quality craftsmanship and after a few days with it in my pocket I sometimes "forget" it's there. Looks like I have a wallet or a cell phone in my back pocket. I have recommended this to some of my friends and will recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect way to carry a pocket pistol. Thank you George for doing such a great job and also for all of the great content and information on your website!


May 13, 2015
Just placed an order for a Beretta Pico Holster, When it came to selecting a Holster for this Little Weapon there was No Decision to Make. I Have been Carrying My Ruger LCP in one of Your holsters since I Bought it and Tried several Holster Options, Yours is the One that Gets Used. Even Have several of My Co-Workers that Have Purchase Your Holsters for Their S&W Bodyguards.. Only complaint from them was they occasionally forget they are Carrying.  Also one of the reasons for Purchasing the Beretta was watching Your Video on the Gun..  Keep Up the great Work Sir!    Patrick B.
 April 27, 2015
I just wanted to thank you for the great holster!  I purchased my Kahr CW380 and thought it would be a great gun to carry daily.  I've tried a few pocket holsters, but everyone of them printed so much that I wouldn't use them.  Yours is perfect!!  I thought it would be great in my back pocket, but I like it better in my front pocket.  Thanks again!!
Neal S.

April 18, 2015

On Monday I received the wallet holster I ordered from you for my S&W M&P Bodyguard.  I could not be happier with the holster!  I am very impressed with you work.  I have worn it all week at work and find it to be extremely comfortable.  I ordered this holster to replace a DeSantis Super Fly which, quite frankly, just had too much extra fabric that was starting to fold up around the edges, and it was time for a nice quality holster for my back pocket.  I am happy I found it!!

Sincerely,  Ray M.

 December 18, 2014
Hi George, 
I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. I read your homepage and that horrible Luby's scenario is exactly the reason that I just purchased a Ruger LCP and your pocket holster. I've been considering getting a CCW permit for some time now, but the news of a terrorist killing people in a cafe in Sydney, Australia pushed me off the fence and into action. I can't imagine sitting in Luby's or any other Cafe and watching my family die, knowing that I had the right to defend them yet did nothing to prepare myself. No matter how unlikely it is that I will ever find myself in that situation, it is hard to ignore the news and see the countless stories of random violence that touches the lives of hundreds of other unprepared people everyday. Again, thanks for a quality product and the intent behind it.
Happy Holidays, Tommy

November 18, 2014
Uncle George,
Received one of your excellent wallet holsters yesterday, and am already so impressed that I placed an order a few minutes ago via PayPal for a second, identical holster (Ruger LCP RIGHT hand WH CTL RH) so I can alternate the two holsters on a daily basis to facilitate evaporation of any transpired water vapor or sweat that may have penetrated the leather.
Also, my initial visit to your website introduced the clever, innovative MagGuts kit that increases LCP magazine capacity from 6 to 7 rounds.  As you might well imagine, I gave the folks at MagGuts some business, too.
BTW, I tried two other versions of wallet holsters before “discovering” yours, which I already consider an orders of magnitude better product.
Happy Trails,
Life Member:  NRA, SASS, WySAS

Oct.19, 2014
Just wanted to let you know I have  been carrying my Kahr since I received holster last week and it is one Great wallet holster !! It is nice to make a purchase every so often that actually turns out to be a Quality item that I'm sure will last for a long time !!
Thanks Ron

 Uncle George,
  I wanted to tell you that I had a hard time deciding between the Uncle George Wallet holster and the Talon Wallet holster.  They both have great reviews and from the demo videos I didn't see a lot of difference in the drawing technique.  I finally just purchased both of them.  Right off when seeing them side by side there was a noticeable difference in the size.  The Uncle George is overall thinner, a little lighter and felt better in my hip pocket and just not as bulky.  Drawing from both of them seemed to be easy enough and I didn't see much difference in the draw.  I had not noticed from your photos that your holster isn't sewn all the way to the top which helped with the draw.  Overall the look of the Uncle George was a little bit more refined.  I liked the look of the edges which were buffed smooth and had a finished look whereas the Talon Wallet Holster wasn't buffed and smooth.  Anyway, I decided on yours mainly because it was thinner and felt better in my pocket.   My cousin took the Talon off my hands.  He wears pants with much larger pockets and seems to work for him and I gave him a good deal on it.   Keep up the good work!  Your website was very helpful.  Thanks for the quick delivery.  Happy Camper!
 P.S.  The coin bags look great!  


Just wanted to let you know that I received the wallet holster today and I love it.  It is very well made and fits my gun perfectly.  I'm sure I'll be carrying my
 P-3AT much more and will feel much better about my ability to protect myself and my family.  Thanks!


Uncle George,

I ordered two of your leather bags for Christmas gifts.  They were a really a hit!!  Thanks for the quick shipping.  May need a couple more next Christmas.



Okay, for those interested, I did receive the Uncle George wallet holster yesterday, and I would say that I'm pretty happy with it. Within in 24 hours it has "loosened up" and is completely ready to use. Not hard to draw, looks just like a wallet in the hip pocket and the TCP doesn't print at all. Holds the pistol securely while still comfortable in an office chair. Once again I'll say I always remove it while driving, but that's just me.

As far as George himself, I was contacted via e-mail within an hour to say thanks for purchasing the product, and it arrived quickly just as he promised. I would say I like this wallet holster better than the Talon product in the same class. 


Mr. Teague,

I received my wallet holster today and wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with your product.  

From its design to the craftsmanship, I couldn't be more pleased.  

Thank you for a high quality product and speedy transaction.  

Kenneth B 

Hi George,
Several months back I purchased one of your wallet holsters for my 
Ruger LCP and wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with it. 
The construction and ease of use is second to none. It makes conceal 
carry so much easier and undetectable, which I like. Several friends 
have seen it and were equally impressed. Although I normally carry it 
in my rear pocket I have had good success with it placed in the leg 
cargo pocket of my summer shorts. I'm a true believer that you get 
what you pay for, but with this little jewel I got way more than what 
I paid for. Thanks for making a quality American made product.

   I have had my wallet holster for a few weeks now and I love it.  Perfect for everyday carry.  I almost forget its there.  It didn't take long to break in and for me to get the draw down.  The videos were very helpful.  My wife says she can't tell that its a pistol in my pocket.  Looks like a wallet.  Great holster!  It's a keeper!   Jason 

Mr. Teague,
  I just received your wallet holster this week for my Taurus TCP.  As a physician who wears a shirt, tie, and dress pants, I found concealed carry very difficult.  I have tried IWB, ankle, belly band, several shoulder rigs.  I decided it was better to carry a smaller gun than no gun at all, hence I purchased a Taurus TCP.  Your wallet holster is, already, my favorite holster, hands down.  I can put it in my back pocket in the morning, and take it out at night without even thinking about it being there.  I had an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, but I can occasionally get printing of the grip in some pants, especially when sitting.  
Thanks for making a very simple, but well made holster!  I am sure I will probably wear it out!!

  Hello there, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know just how pleased I am with your wallet holster. I have been carrying this holster with my LCP daily since I received It early Dec 2012. It is holding up fantastically. Even putting up with the Arizona heat, and the sweat that can transfer.
It resists the salts very well. A quick wipe down with a damp rag over the polished surface, and presto as good as new. I wasn't sure about the holster to begin with, because there was little retention, and even now that it is broken in there is less retention. But that is of course out of the pocket. Once in the pocket the natural curve and tension of the pocket, keeps the pistol solidly in place with no issues. The best part is with the distributed footprint, you forget your pistol is in your pocket. Highly comfortable.
     So in summary your doing a great job with these little wonders. If you ever make one to fit an M&P Shield let me know. I know it would not fit in rear pocket, but in a side pocket of cargo pants or shorts it would be ideal.

Take care and be well.  D.A.N.

  I just received my Uncle George Wallet Holster in today’s mail. Wow! This is one fine piece of gun leather. The quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and the stitching are outstanding.

I can already tell that I will primarily wear it in my right rear pocket…very comfortable. In fact, that’s where my Ruger LCP is right now. I realize I need to break it in a little, but I can already draw Elsie with no problem. The instructional videos on Uncle George’s website were helpful.

It is very comfortable to wear when sitting down too. I tried it out in a dining room chair (solid wood) and you hardly know it’s there. My ever expanding, post middle-age rear end appreciates that! I highly recommend this holster to anyone interested in a wallet holster.

Thanks Uncle George!


  I ordered a wallet holster from Uncle George last Sunday Night. Monday morning I received my notification and receipt via email . I was told it would arrive on Thursday and given a tracking number to track it. It got here today on time.
U. George, thank you for being so prompt and you also did what you said you would do.
My LCP is a little tight but I can see time taking care of that. It is a very attractive and I can see it's going to be very functional.
The print looks like a billfold.  Thanks, DavidJ

I'm as happy as pie with my Uncle George's holster. It's the one I use 90% of the time with LCP; 10% with my Mitch Rosen on the belt.  NotinDC

 I was really struggling with which wallet holster to
buy, and went back and forth between 2 or 3 brands
several times before deciding on Uncle George's. I
received it a couple of days ago, and it's absolutely
perfect for my needs. Uncle George, thanks for an
outstanding and well-made product, and super fast
shipping. Opcop01

 I exchanged my holster from Uncle George that I had originally bought for the Diamondback. I was within the 10 exchange limit and after contacting him he cheerfully sent me the one for the LCP and it arrived today. Couldn't be happier. He gives excellent and very fast service. 

I saw your posts on the DB forum. I think you'll like the LCP. Glad ya like the holster and thanks again for making the purchase. Uncle George

 Just received my new Uncle George wallet holster for my LCP C/T (fast shipping) and could not belive how it seems to dissapear in the rear pocket. I switched my wallet to the left side and it feels like a regular wallet did in the right! When I bought the LCP I thought I would carry it in the front pocket in one of those soft sticky ones, but the wallet holster works better for me!  Capt.Bob 

I have had my Uncle George Wallet Holster and LCP since the first part of November and wanted to share a few comments. First of all I waited a couple of months as I wanted some experience with the combo and not be one of those who gets their new "fill in the blank here" and writes a review on how great it is w/i an hour after receiving it.

First the quality of the holster is about as good as it gets. The holster in person looks just like the pictures on the website. The ordering process was perfect. I ordered a LH holster and by the next day I had confirmation and tracking number the holster had been mailed. When I received the holster the packaging, etc. was very first rate as others have mentioned in their reviews.

Now to the important stuff. The LCP and UG holster combo is as close to perfect as I have come across. I find I carry a lot more now (which is why I felt it worth the investment). For the first time I feel concealed w/o others knowing. The only problem here is that you do need to find pants with deeper pockets (not hard to find just try before you buy). Some of my pants had deep pockets and some didn't. Right now I am slowly buying the pants/jeans that have correct pockets and phasing our the ones that don't. Over the next year as I make this transition I will slowly get to the point where I carry the LCP 100% of the time. The other issue is now that you have your LCP/UG holster in your back pocket where your wallet once resided is what to do with you wallet? I have not put too much thought into this yet and either leave my wallet stashed in my vehicle (only carrying the essential stuff) or carry my wallet in my other back pocket. Neither of these problems are problems with the UG holster but are a reflection of the size of the pistol (deeper pockets) and the style of holster (pocket holster). These are small problems and worth the trade off. I find this style of carry combined with the LCP/UG the most comfortable way to carry any pistol in any fashion/holster. You just forget it is even there. It makes my wallet seem uncomfortable which before I never gave a second thought. Strangely now I don't want to carry my wallet anymore whether or not I am packing the LCP as the wallet seems extra uncomfortable to me. Anyway those are my thoughts after 2 months and I give the UG holster two thumbs up (as I only have 2 thumbs or it would be more). Thanks Uncle George for making this holster as now that I carry more you may have saved my life and I don't even know it yet


  I wore a wallet holster with a detachable back panel for a while and it worked okay and was nice that I could take off the back panel and use it in my front pocket but most of the time I carried it in my rear pocket.  After a while the back panel got a little out of align when attached probably because the snaps just weren't a large enough attachment area.  It was troublesome to me and didn't look right because the grip started to stick out past the holster more than I liked.  My Uncle George's holster has the back panel firmly attached and will stay in proper alignment with the front pocket.  Much better.  Great little holster George and thanks for the prompt shipping!  Gunmojo2 


Glad to hear it is working for you.  I experimented at one time with detachable back anti-print panels and found pretty much the same as you did so decided not to go that way with my holsters.  thanks for the feedback, Uncle George

Thanks Uncle George for the great wallet holster!!!  Have been carrying daily with it for about 3 months now and I wouldn't leave home without it.  Super comfortable in my back pocket and have had no problem with the draw.  Highly recommend.  nyleo33

  Hey George thank you for the quick shipping!!!  Love the holster.  All those videos on your website were very helpful in making my decision.  My dad will be ordering one shortly.  thanks again!!  Paul45fmj

  Woohoo!!   My wife gave me one of your wallet holsters for my birthday for my LCP.  It's fits nice in my wrangler jeans just like you say.  After practicing a while I found I liked the 2 fingered draw you show on your video demo.  Great holster!  Caintex

There's something about carrying in my front pocket that doesn't feel right, so I ordered an Uncle George. If there were an accidental discharge, I wouldn't want it in my front pocket. FXDHarley

 I ordered an Uncle George wallet holster on Saturday, Feb 5, it was mailed on Monday, Feb 7 and I received it today, Feb 9. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it sure looks good. I"ll be using it around the house here for a few weeks until I can get it added to my CCW permit. Nice work Uncle George, it's

appreciated. Braz

George, appreciate your website.  Have had my holster for a few weeks now and really like it.  I used your hair dryer method to get it broken in faster.  Worked just like you showed in your video.  I carry it daily at my practice, no one knows.  Perfect!!  thanks for a great product.  smiles4u

  Uncle George's has won out.  I have several of the back pocket holsters including the popular Talon Wallet Holster with the attached back panel and they're okay.  Friend had an Uncle Georges for his LCP and I tried it and liked it enough to give it a try.  Seems to be not as fat and bulky as the other holsters and is very comfortable in my back pocket.  With a little practice I am able to draw just fine with it out of my snug back pocket.  No problems.  Great quality leather and construction.  Looks like a keeper.  Thanks Uncle George for a great little holster!!  lawX2


 Same here lawX2.  I found that the attached back panel on the holster I had just wasn't necessary when compared to the Uncle Georges I got.  The attached back panel on mine after a while became misaligned and bugged me so I tried the Uncle George's for my Kahr P380.  Love it.  No problem with the draw and there's no way now that the back panel will get out of whack.  Thank you Uncle George for a fine holster and the quick shipping.  MontyP  

 Hey George, all three of us have one of your holsters now.  If someone comes in our barber shop and starts something, look out!!  Surprise, Surprise.  We'll be sending some business your way.  Thanks for a great solution!!   Barbers3

Wow, cheaper than some others I have tried but mucho better.  Great wallet holster, good price!!   Keep up the good work George, love the website.  TimbigD 

Hey George, the hair dryer trick worked just like you showed in the video.  I practiced the draw and am comfortable with it now.  Went with the two-finger draw.  Great holster!  Lonnie D.

I am an old fart.  Great to be able to tote around my little pistol without anyone being the wiser.  My wife says it just looks like a wallet in my back pocket.  Very smart.  Thank you, George.  We think alike.  johnnyR2

I ordered my UG holster on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived in the mail on Saturday morning. Great service and workmanship, Uncle George!!!  Thank You. Lowjiber

Great holster for off-duty bug.  Thanks George, just what I was looking for.   housleo

Ditto.  Perfect for off duty back up.  Out of the way but always there.  Good quality holster.  Keep up the good work Uncle George.  Liked your website!  NYlaw2

I totally agree. Uncle George means business with both his craftsmanship and shipping method. Panbacca

 I wore my UG holster around the house for about a week while I waited to have my LCP added to my permit. I carried it loaded without one in the pipe, and practiced draws from different positions.

I agree Uncle George should run the USPS.   Lowjiber

Great fit Uncle George. No problem with draw.  Now that I've carried it a while you hardly notice it's there.  Love the holster!  thanks.  mojoman

 Just wanted to let everyone know how fine and perfect Uncle George's Wallet Holster fits the LCP. I ordered my Wallet Holster last Thursday, 9/2 and it came in the mail on Tuesday, 9/7. Today was my first day trying it out all day. Little Elsie fits perfect and it conceals nicely in the hip/rear pocket of a pair of jeans. It fits well in the front pocket too but feels too big there to me. If I'm wearing khakis or other work pants, I'll try it again in the front pocket. Doublenaughtspy

Hey - I got your wallet holster delivered today - looks fantastic. I pick up my LCP and P-3AT today, so I'll get a good chance to try it out this week. Was delivered pronto, boxed up well and in a protective plastic bag. Well done and thanks!  Dannyboy

I ordered my holster from Uncle George about 4:30 PM on friday afternoon. He emailed me 20 minutes later with a tracking number for my holster and I recevied it yesterday afternoon monday 6/2  here in Atlanta, GA. Now that is some awesome service! Love the holster so far. Road1will


 I received my holster from Uncle George in 51 hours and it would have been less time but I am at the end of the mailman's route. I also am very happy with the holster. It works in front or rear pocket very well. Thanks Uncle George!  Dreamweve

 Received my Uncle George in no time wait. The scent of the leathered wallet immediately reminded me of when I was a kid opening up Christmas presents to the scent and surprise of a Hopalong Cassidy holster and guns. Uncle George's holster wallet looks darn good and fits well. Panbacca


You are gonna love it!  Jeeper

Just received my new left handed U.G.W.H. in the mail and what I can say so far is , WOW very nice craftsmanship. I will be using this holster for front pocket carry which I am now doing around the house , feels good. Thanks , Uncle George. John-Everet

Love mine, it's a great little holster. You actually can sit comfortably with this in your back pocket. Works great in cargo pants too.  Jeeper

Uncle George = Cadillac

Beautiful craftsmanship!  Brudaddy 

 Yesterday I received the wallet holster I ordered Sunday ! wish everything shipped so fast.
Great service and a top notch quality holster! Thank You.  mainewoods

 I just got my CTL wallet holster yesterday. Not only is the holster very nicely made, there is an extra feature for left handers. Since the magazine release button faces the back of the holster, Uncle George thoughtfully made a circular indentation in the back to give clearance for the release button. That means there will be no tendency for the magazine to become unlatched while carrying.

I think it is great when someone bothers to think of us lefties. Thank you Uncle George, for a fine product. okguy

I also am a lefty, and purchased one of these holsters. Very nice product, indeed.  chuckworkb

Oh I had my UG for about two weeks maybe and man I love it. sent UG a message about the quality of his product. Way to go UG.  rittah

Been carrying mine since I got it a couple weeks ago. It's breaking in good, no issues with the CT yet, and is just as comfy up front than in a back pocket. I'm lovin' it. thanks UG  cufor98

UG, I use your holster mostly as a front carry, It's easier for me to draw the pistol. It's kinda tough to get it out of the Jeans rear pocket but easier in a pair o' slacks.  Cargo style pants, sweet and easy. Good product. Thanks  Jeeper


Thanks fellas! My brother'n law carries his in his front pocket all the time. The brand of jeans he likes dudden have a deep enough rear pocket. Uncle George

I ordered a rear pocket holster for Uncle George. Figured to give a fellow Texan and retired OF (Old Fart) some business.
Holster was ordered and it came in quick. About 3 days from start to finish. Fit and finish is Great and it rides well in the back pocket. You will never know it
is there. One very big Thumbs Up for Uncle George!  greenbeanie67

I've found the Uncle George fits in all of my standard jeans back pocket. As far as sitting down, I don't notice it. I carry Elsie all of the time, ever with my usual carry gun.
We went out to eat for Mothers Day and I had both guns on , and did not notice either one.. If you have ever carried a wallet in your back pocket, you will notice the Uncle George hostler less that a fat wallet. greenbeanie67

I just received my Uncle George Holster today. So far, I really like it. I plan to carry it in my front pocket. Already went up to Costco with it in my pocket. I didn't receive so much as a glance. My wife said it isn't very noticeable in my front pocket. My first intuition for a front pocket carry was that a holster would have to be shaped to conform to the pocket. I have since changed my opinion. Sure, a rounded shape may fit the pocket better, but a rounded holster doesn't look as much like a wallet, so I am more comfortable with a square shape. For me comfort is physical and psychological. I can't relax until I believe that I am completely stealthy. It's not the strangers that you pass by that concern me. I am more concerned with an acquaitance or friend asking me what is in my pocket. Sure, I can say, "oh, its just my wallet", but a friend may say, "gee, that looks like an interesting wallet, may I see it?". That would be awkward. So, in short, I need a holster that draws no interest or special attention. I have tried several pocket holsters and feel that the Uncle George is probably the best yet. Before I got this holster I was planning on mods to my Desantis Nemesis. I still may try some things just out of curiosity. I really do like the Nemesis but with it the butt of the grip prints a little. I only use the stock bottom plate on the clip. That helps some. Anyway, what I am trying to say is the Uncle George Holster is a fine holster for front pocket carry. xzhync

I now carry in my back pocket only & am learning to draw as fast as I can with the Nemesis.
That won't take long at all for me to get there.

Excellent quality. This is my new permanent holster. When the circumstance demands
a front pocket carry, I will still use it there - I like it that much! But most
of the time I will be carrying in the back as it really fits & feels great there.

Thank you George for making such a fine product. It is well worth my hard earned money.   Rugerboy

I used to worry about others seeing the print of my gun......just doesn't happen.....They don't..... have several LEO friends and a Nephew who is Special Forces who did not notice.....+ my wife who knows I'm carrying looks and asks "Do you have your gun??"

I've stopped worrying unless it is on my belt .... outside and visible.....

Others just don't see.....

By the way I use George's wallet holster in front and rear pocket.....It works for me.... raro

I carry my Uncle George in right front pocket and it works great. No printing----looks like my wallet.
Very well made holster. I like it in my front pocket when sitting or driving. fla native

Ordered my Uncle Georges holster on Monday evening and found them in the mailbox today. Fastest shipping I have ever received for an online purchase ever. Very nicely made holsters. Can't wait to try it out once my license arrives.

Thanks Uncle George! madman

I placed an order on thursday for a Left hand CTL Lil Elsie Glove from Uncle George and recieved confirmation that it shipped on Friday and I recieved it in Central MN on Monday via First Class Mail. WOW

And what a holster it is. I refer to it as my Lil Elsie Glove. Fits that hip pocket just like a wallet. Anyone who is looking for a awesome pocket holster owes it to themselves to take the time to visit the Uncle George Holsters website. U wont be disappointed.  Borganator

I have one of your wallet holsters which I have carried daily since it arrived last Monday. It carries well, is comfortable and I forget its there until I reach for my wallet and find Elsie!!

Good product....I recommend it!  rar0

I placed my order Tuesday morning, and my Uncle George holster arrived in today's (Thursday's) mail, standard USPS service, no expediting.

Thank you George, it's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Politecitizen

I tried the Desantis Nemesis, the Recluse, and the Desantis Trickster, before settling on Uncle George's holster.

I like the Nemesis, but it prints too much for my comfort. I also had to snip some of the stitching to get my LCP to set with it's muzzle flush with the end (and thereby keep from exposing the LCP's backstrap at the top of my pocket.

The Recluse was right handed only and so I didn't like it. I didn't care for it being so open on one side.

The Desantis Trickster was much better at not printing than the Nemesis and seems functional enough. Not bad for the price either, but I quickly got the impression that it would not lost all that long.

When I received Uncle George's holster I was thoroughly satisfied. Very well constructed looks like its build to last a decade of daily use. Leather left rough on backside to help in retention. No printing at all. LCP sits with muzzle flush with end, so no backstrap exposed. I ordered two more for gifts. ragedyedge

Posted essentially this in a different thread earlier - but a repeat seems appropriate here. I just received my Uncle George wallet today. Service was prompt, communication excellent. Workmanship and quality are first rate. Elsie draws well from back or front pocket - reholsters easily. I've carried concealed for over ten years now - this is my first "wallet" style holster. Seems a perfect match for Elsie. I'll give you an update in a couple weeks. raptor68

Hey all, just got my new LCP wednesday and ordered an Uncle George's Wallet Holster and recieved it today,
looks great and even greater customer service from George.  Dwight

I ordered mine this past weekend, had a response from Uncle George same day, it shipped Monday and I received it yesterday (Weds)! Great service. The holster is great as well. I carried it in my front pocket for a bit and now am carrying it in my back pocket. Works great in either. I taught a class with it in my pocket last night and no one noticed a thing. Thanks Uncle George - highly recommended! groovybassist

Mine goes to work everyday with me now as I break it in. The girls at the bakery (where I stop on my way to work) were amazed at how it resembled a wallet in my rear pocket and also remarked on how "cute" the LCP was. hoosier

use it everyday.  It did not take long to break in.  texas2815

George, thanks for a terrific little holster for my terrific little gun.

From the first time I contacted you to order, through delivery (FAST) the Uncle George experience was top notch.
High quality holster
Reasonable price
speedy delivery

I can't see how the experience could get any better.  crafter32027

Hi Uncle George, Got the holster on Tuesday day after Columbus day. I have been using it daily, and I like it.  Great product, fast service. Thanks Uncle46

Thanks for the responses, most appreciated!


 Uncle George