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Uncle George's Wallet Holsters

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Caution: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster BEFORE putting it in your pocket.
NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster.

NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!
Transaction Policies
Purchasing Uncle George's Wallet Holsters
Price is $45.00
Shipping and Handling is $4.50 (not refundable)
If you are a Texas resident 8.25% tax will be added.
  I accept payments only through PayPal.  Sorry I no longer accept Money Orders or any other method of payment except Paypal. You may use your credit card securely utilizing PayPal without a PayPal account or use your PayPal account. 
  Please note that I do not take credit card numbers over the phone or through this website.  I do not want access to your credit card number or your bank account.  Please, PayPal transactions only.
  Please note that I have no control over the PayPal transactions concerning your credit card. If you have problems with your credit card and PayPal please contact PayPal if your problems persist. You might try this number 1-888-221-1161. 
Please read my transaction policies on this page before going to the Purchase Holster page (below) to access the PayPal Shopping Carts for my holsters.






  I strive to ship my holsters the next day but it is not guaranteed.  Orders received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday usually ship the following Monday.  Please note that shipping will be delayed a day if USPS is closed for a holiday.


  I only ship via USPS, First Class Mail with tracking number/delivery confirmation.  I do not offer Signature Confirmation. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide a shipping address that has a secure mail box that USPS can deposit either the package or a USPS pick-up-package notice in whether it be a residential or business or postal mailbox.  If you do not have confidence that you can receive either your package or a USPS pick-up-package notice at your mailing address then have it sent to a mailing address that you are more sure of it's deliverability and security.  When you order you are agreeing to this delivery method and to the buyer responsibilities implied.


  Please Note:  I consider that your order has been delivered if the USPS tracking information indicates that it has been delivered to the address on your Paypal order.  If the USPS tracking information indicates that your order has been delivered and you have not received it any inquiries should be directed to your local USPS office. They had it in their hands last evidenced by their own tracking information. If you experience a delivery problem with USPS and need to confirm the shipping address on the package, let me know and I will email a copy of the Paypal shipping receipt that has the shipping address on it that is on the package. I will accommodate this only if there is a need due to a problem with USPS for verification for USPS or Paypal. Sometimes you might find that your local carrier still has it on his delivery vehicle or perhaps you might inquire of your neighbors or you apartment manager if applicable.  There is nothing I can do at that point to remedy this type of situation.  Contact your local USPS.


I must say that so far my 9 year experience using USPS for shipping my orders has been smooth and practically error free.




Box dimensions for 1 holster in above photo:  2-3/8" tall x 5-3/8" wide x 7-3/4" long

Box dimensions for 2 holsters:  same as above only 4-3/8 " tall


  I ship in a sturdy double-walled box that will fit in most standard regulation round top mail boxes that are commonly mounted on posts near the street across the nation.  There are no obvious indications on the box that it contains a holster.  If your mail box is smaller and the box doesn't fit, the USPS carrier will usually leave a package pick-up notice in your mail box.  Please note:  If you put a note in the mailbox for the USPS carrier to deliver next door the carrier will more than likely not deliver it as the address would be different than on the box that was sent with USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation.  This has recently occurred and the package was returned to me undeliverable even though it had the correct address on it.




 After I have received your order notification from Paypal and have processed it, boxed it, adhered the Paypal shipping label, and have actually delivered it to USPS, I send out an email Order Confirmation Notification indicating that I have received your order from Paypal and have actually delivered your package to USPS.

 The Order Confirmation Notification that I send you will include the USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation number that was assigned to the Paypal Shipping Label when it was purchased from Paypal and printed out.


  Please note that I print out the Paypal Shipping Label as soon as I get your order but only adhere it to the box and actually ship it when the holster is ready to go. This is usually the next day. If you get a notice from Paypal that says it has been shipped it is probably premature on their part.  Sometimes they send out a product "shipped" notice automatically as the shipping label is purchased and printed from their website even though the product has not been actually shipped.  Paypal does not do the shipping, I do when it is ready to go.

  If you have not received an Order Confirmation Notification from me, not Paypal, then your holster more than likely has not yet been shipped.  PLease note that your USPS tracking number may not indicate any action until USPS has scanned the package into their system. I would suggest giving it at least 24 hours after receiving your Order Confirmation Notification from me before checking the tracking number with USPS.




  Be sure to check your shipping address in your PayPal account to see that it is correct and up to date.  I ship to the address supplied to me by Paypal.  If your address has changed and you have not updated it in Paypal your holster will be shipped to the wrong address.  You must change your shipping address with Paypal. Contact Paypal to do so. I cannot change your Paypal shipping address, only you can do that.  I cannot change the shipping address on the box or with USPS once it has been shipped.  In this case you may or may not get your holster delivered to you.  It is your responsibility that I have the correct shipping address to ship to. You cannot get refunded if you have not given the correct shipping address and you don't get your holster.  Sometimes they are returned to me and sometimes they just get lost. 



  You must do this through Paypal.  If you are having problems changing your shipping address in Paypal you may have to contact them to do so.  Contact them by phone 1-888-221-1161.  I do not have control over anything concerning your personal information in Paypal.  If you wish, you can use the "instructions to seller" when making your purchase in Paypal to indicate to me the new shipping address that you would like your holster sent to.  Or, you can contact me to inform me of a change of shipping address.  Please do so, either prior to making the purchase through Paypal or immediately after so that I will receive the information before the order is shipped.  I am prompt with shipping.  With either method I will only be changing the address myself on the box when shipping.  Your shipping address in Paypal will not be changed.  Only you can do that.  I cannot change your shipping address on your package or with USPS after your holster has been shipped. 



  I only ship to addresses within the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii.


  I do not ship to overseas U.S. territories such Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and the Mariana Islands.  


 Your holster will be sent USPS First Class Mail with USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation.  Delivery time is usually 2 to 5 business days depending on where you live and your local postal system procedures.


  I only ship USPS First Class Mail.  No overnight express mail, no guaranteed next day delivery, no guaranteed delivery dates, no guaranteed same day shipping, no expedited shipping of any method even with the offer to pay extra.  No UPS or FedEx. 


 If you have not received an Order Confirmation email notification from Uncle George's Wallet it is more than likely that it has not yet shipped  OR  it has shipped and I have attempted sending a notificatione but have gotten email failure delivery notices indicating there is something wrong with the email address provided or that there's something that is keeping you from receiving the notice (email/spam settings).  Or perhaps you may be checking an email address that you normally use but is not associated with your Paypal account. Notifications from me are sent to the email address on your Paypal order.  In any case I will send the holster as usual but you just won't get an Order Confirmation email from me with the included USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation number.





 Refunds or Exchanges

Require prior approval and a return number 


 I will accept returns for refunds/exchanges that are post-marked no later than 10 days after the USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation date (the day USPS logs your shipment as delivered).  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Ten days is plenty of time to make a decision to keep the holster or return it.  I would advise that you not order a holster until you have the pistol you intend to carry and are sure that it is the pistol you intend on keeping for that purpose.  SORRY BUT REQUESTS TO EXTEND THE 10 DAY RETURN LIMIT FOR ANY REASON WILL BE DENIED.


   If you are past the 10 day return limit there will be no refund or exchange for any reason even if you have not opened the box.  Why?  


 All refunds/exchanges require prior approval from me and a return approval number. Use the CONTACT ME page on this website to acquire prior approval and return number.



 Claims that you could not contact me will be ignored.  The  CONTACT ME page on this website is monitored throughout the day, each day, 7 days a week.  It has worked flawlessly.



 A return slip included with the holster must accompany your return with an return approval number.  It should be filled out accurately in order for me to refund you. If you have lost the return form go here  to print out another one.   I suggest that you hang onto your box for a few days in case you decide to make a return.



  SHIPPING AND HANDLING:  Not refundable.


 The RETURN SHIPPING COSTS are your responsibility unless the return is being made due to a mistake that is my fault.  In that case the shipping costs will be reimbursed.  Please note that if you receive a holster other than the one you ordered, right-handed and not left-handed for example, you must return the holster for credit and inspection (it must be in unused condition) before the correct holster can be sent to you.  In this case, I know that it is an inconvenience and is my fault, please accept my apologies, but I have had a couple of holsters not returned after sending a correct replacement holster out immediately while trusting in the honesty of the purchaser to return the original holster.  Not only did I never receive the first holster back but I also lost the cash that I had sent with the replacement holster as compensation for my error and the inconvenience it caused.  As much as I would like to continue with the aforementioned "trust" policy as it is friendlier, I cannot continue with this naive return policy. Therefore, I now require that the original holster be received by me before I will send the correct holster or make a refund.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  I would strongly advise that when returning a holster that you ship USPS with USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation for your peace of mind.  It is not necessary to ship Priority Mail when returning the holster in its original box.  I would suggest that you ship USPS First Class Mail which is much cheaper and will take about the same time to reach its destination. 


  There are no official distributors of Uncle George's holsters.  Refunds or exchanges are available ONLY to those that have purchased the holster directly from Uncle George's website where there is a record of the purchase.  If you have purchased your Uncle George's holster from some other source other than directly from Uncle George's website then any warranty issues, refunds or exchanges must be directed to the source through which the holster was purchased.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


 I do not exchange used non-laser holsters for laser holsters or used laser holsters for non-laser holsters.


 If you have ordered a wallet holster and have received it and within the 10 day limit you change your mind and decide that you would like to exchange it for a different holster you can return it for a refund within the 10 day limit.  You can then reorder the holster you wish to have.

 Be advised: Do not return your holster for an refund/exchange without prior approval and a return number from me. If you return your holster and you're past the 10 day limit or with no return number, a refund/exchange will not be made and you'll need to send funds for the return of your holster.


 If you find that the fit of your new wallet holster is a bit tight I would suggest that you view the "breaking-in" video as it might prove to be informative and helpful before deciding to return it. You can find the video on the video demos page or click on this link. Breaking-in 


  Reasonable break-in wear resulting from the normal intended function of the wallet holster is acceptable. I will not make refunds or holster exchanges for holsters that have been intentionally altered or abused, reshaped, other parts glued or sewed to it, remolded, crushed to be made limp or modified to any extent that does not retain the original appearance or characteristics intended for this holster.

 Also, chemicals, compounds, saddle soaps, and any other leather softening agents should not be applied to the holster as it may compromise the finish and render the holster to a softened state not intended for my holsters.   My holsters function well as-is for most folks, but if you find that the holster does not meet your needs in its original form, please return it for a refund. HOLSTERS RETURNED THAT HAVE HAD LEATHER SOFTENING AGENTS APPLIED TO THEM ARE NOT RETURNABLE, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. 

 If you decide to use the holster as a platform for experimentation and make the above changes or modifications and any other changes I haven't thought of or listed here, please be advised that I consider that you have done so with the knowledge that you are forfeiting your right to a refund or exchange.   Holsters that are received in the above mentioned conditions will not be refunded or exchanged and will be retained until funds are received from the owner to cover shipping and handling to return the holster to the owner.  That would be $6.00.  In such a case a notice will be sent to the owner.  After retaining the holster for 30 days without the shipping and handling funds being received the holster will be discarded with no possibility for retrieval. Examples 



 Please note that I make every effort to use the best cowhides but even they occasionally have small variations in the grain smoothness, minor vein markings and such.  Such variations and markings indicate the authenticity of good leather.  I do not consider these as reasons for the return of the holster.  I consider the wallet holster to be a utility wallet holster normally to be concealed from view with a utility pistol residing in it.  I strive to make my wallet holsters look good and be of professional quality and for you to be pleased with your purchase.



 I have offered some personal background information about myself in an effort to alleviate doubts and apprehensions about purchasing a wallet holster online from me.  I hope it is helpful.  Go here.





 You are the one responsible for the safe and competent handling of your pistols and other firearms and their accessories such as holsters.  Be aware of, and always follow the basic rules of firearm safety.  Be sure to always unload your pistol when checking to see if your pistol fits a holster.  Always make sure you unload your pistol before practicing your draw.  Do not use a wallet holster if there is any contact with, or there is any movement of, the trigger when you draw your pistol or reholster it.


 When you purchase any of Uncle George's wallet holsters you are acknowledging that all firearms are by nature dangerous and that you are solely responsible for the safe use of the firearm and it's accessories and that you positively release Uncle George, owner and maker of Uncle George's Wallet Holsters, from any and all liability for accidents or injuries relating to the use of the wallet holster and any firearm.


 Go to this page to use a PayPal shipping cart to order your wallet holster.


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Caution: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster BEFORE  putting it in your pocket.
NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster.