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Uncle George's Wallet Holsters

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August 25, 2009 website publish date



Uncle George's Wallet Holsters 

I make black molded leather holsters for only the following pistols that I consider to work well with my style of holster.
Please be advised that no other pistols fit my holsters.
  I do not make holsters for any other pistols other than those listed below.

Ruger .380 LCP     Kel-tec P-3AT     Kel-tec P32     Taurus 738 TCP     Kahr P380, CW380, CM9, PM9 or MK9
S&W Bodyguard BG380 and the M&P Bodyguard 380       Diamondback DB380 and DB9
I only make laser holsters for the  Ruger LCP,  Kel-tec P-3AT,  Taurus TCP,  S&W BG380,  Kahr P380  and the Kahr CM9, PM9 or MK9.  Information and photos here.


  Hello and welcome!  I’m Uncle George and I am a retiree from the University of Texas at Austin.  I'm 65 years old and have been a resident of Austin for 39 years.


  Some years ago on October 19, 1991 a 35 year-old man from nearby Belton,Texas drove his pickup truck through a window at a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen.  He then for the next 15 minutes took his pistol and proceeded to shoot and kill 23 people and wound 20 others inside the cafeteria unchallenged.  Walking slowly through the dining room he shot people randomly at close range as they hid underneath tables.  Some were shot as he placed the gun to their heads.  One lady, Suzanna Hupp, witnessed her parents being shot while her pistol, that she normally carried in her purse,  lay secure in the glove compartment of her vehicle in the parking lot.  After the arriving officers wounded him, he ended it by fatally shooting himself. 

  This incident really bothered me as I have a wife and daughter that I treasure highly.  I couldn’t help but think that if someone had been armed, as many of us are today, the outcome of the Luby’s Cafeteria incident would have been different.  A month after the incident I purchased a little .22 caliber semi-automatic Beretta.  After carrying it loose a week or so in my front pocket, hip pocket and coat pocket, I determined it would be better to have a holster that would keep the pistol in position in my pocket all the time and keep it from printing its outline.  Back then there weren’t many choices, if any, for a thin wallet holster that didn't allow the pistol to print its outline. So I made one out of some scrap leather from Tandy's and some white wood glue.  It lasted for 18 years despite being dunked underwater twice when I fell out of my boat.  I carried the Beretta for a long time until the Kel-Tec P-32  became available.  Fortunately it fit the holster too so I carried it daily in my hip pocket for several years.

  When the little Ruger.380 LCP became available I got one and decided it was time for a new holster so again I made one.  It turned out a just a little different to make it fit the LCP but pretty much the same as the unique original half-holster design that I came up with back in 1991.  I liked it so much that I decided there might be those that might like to have one just like it.
Holster Description
All my holsters are made from genuine Hermann Oak cowhide.
It is glued and then lock-stitched using a heavy nylon thread.
They are vat-dyed with a black Fiebings Professional Oil Dye.
The back leather (8-9 oz.) is a little more than 1/8 inch thick.
The molded pocket leather (5-6 oz.) is about 3/32 inch thick.
The holster is 5-1/4 inches tall and just 4-3/16 inches wide.
With a Ruger LCP holstered it's 1.1 inches at its thickest part.
Due to its construction it is a light weight holster at 2 ounces.
 All my holsters are designed specifically to be carried in the hip pocket although a good amount of positive feedback indicates that there are some folks carrying them in their front pockets. Front Pocket Carry.  In most pockets it should keep the pistol in position so that it will be where you expect it to be when there's a need to draw your weapon.
  Pants should be chosen that have a deep enough hip pocket so that the top of the weapon is not revealed.  The edges of the holster have been molded in a bowed shape to more mimic the shape of a wallet.  A new holster will have a tight fit at first but will soon loosen up with use.  This holster is not meant to hold the pistol tight like other holsters that support much larger and heavier pistols that are commonly worn outside the pocket on the belt and elsewhere.  Its function is to keep a small lightweight pistol in your pocket in position to draw.  Experience has shown me that a tight fitting molded pocket holster is more difficult to draw without the holster coming out of the pocket with the pistol.  A slightly loose fit is better.  The combination of the holster and your hip pocket will retain the pistol in its desired position.


  This holster is thinner than most wallet holsters currently available.  Due to being constructed of only two layers of leather instead of two layers combined with a snap-on or sewed-on back flap as some pocket holsters are constructed, it is a little more than an eighth of an inch thinner. comparison photos.  The thin lightweight holster combined with the bowed edges make for a comfortable fit in your hip pocket.  The holster will soon mold itself more to your pistol and your rear-end.  Before long it is easy to forget that it is there in your hip pocket.  Pictured below is the holster completely concealed in the back pocket of my Wrangler jeans.
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             Cool radio station KORD 102.7 FM in northwest Washington State   video review
 Here's my collection of Feedback  on my holsters.  
 To see more photos of all the holsters I make and currently have available along with some brief commentary please go to the  Holster Photo Gallery. 
 If you have questions or concerns not addressed in the information provided above please check out the FAQ section
 Before making a purchase please be sure to read my Transaction Policies. 
 My holsters may be different from what you're used to.  Before ordering please take a moment to check out the RIGHT or LEFT-handed holster video to see what I consider to be a right or left-handed holster and to receive some important detailed information concerning drawing with the PALM-IN or PALM-OUT technique.
If you want to be a little more clear on how to draw from my holsters check out the video demos page.
 If you're interested in converting your standard 6 round magazine to a 7 round magazine without adding any length to the magazine check out MagGuts, Inc.  This will allow you to add an extra round to your magazine and not cause the grip on your pistol to extend past the edge of your wallet holster. 
  If you're a little apprehensive about purchasing a holster online from me I have added a personal profile page and personal photos page to better introduce myself.  Hopefully you will find it helpful.  Profile
Holster Price is $45.00
plus $6.00 shipping and handling
Texas residents 8.25% state sales tax will be added. 
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and Handling costs are fully refunded when returns are made for a refund within the 10 day return limit.


Purchase Holster Online


To purchase with a Money Order go here for a mail-in Form.



 I also make and have available a nice heavy duty leather bag made from American bison hides.  I only make this one bag.

Uncle George's leather bag can be seen here.

Genuine American Bison drawstring bags.  Heavy duty "Man" bag



Internet Sales Only

  To those in the Austin area, I must apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to keep my costs down and my holsters and bags offered at a low price I have not established a local retail outlet and have chosen to sell my holsters and bags only through the internet.  I do not sell at gun shows anywhere.  I have taken the time to provide on my website more photos and video demonstrations than most other holster makers on the internet in hopes that it is sufficient information for folks to make a decision to purchase or not.  Regrettably and understandably for some it is not enough information, however my shop remains closed to the public with no exceptions and I am not available for personal demonstrations. Thank you for your understanding.
No International Transactions
  I am sorry but due to restrictions, shipping costs, expensive insurance, limited shipment tracking and delivery confirmation, refunding complications and a myriad of other problems, I only accept transactions from within the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  I only ship to addresses within the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  I do not ship to any United States territories such as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and the Mariana Islands.  I also do not ship to APO, FPO and DPO addresses.
 Uncle George's Wallet Holster website original publish date which includes the above product descriptions and photos on the above homepage and additional pages with product descriptions, photos and video product demonstrations, and the first public offering for sale of all the Uncle George's Wallet Holsters as described in the above text on this homepage and the additional product pages is August 25, 2009 and is documentally verifiable. 
Caution: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw. 
ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your holster when carrying.
NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and holster.