Just a note to my customers.  I am perfectly healthy and have no symptoms of anything that would suggest I have the virus.  The same for my wife.  There are no others in our household.

All my supplies and equipment in my shop were purchased and brought into my shop more than 9 months ago before any symptoms of the coronavirus showed up in China.  All leather and holster making supplies should be virus-free.  All shipping supples were also purchased way before the virus got started.  I am the only one that comes into my shop. I am the only one that makes the holsters.  I am the only one that boxes your holsters and ships them.  The boxes are dropped in an exterior drop box and I do not go into the post office.  All my incoming mail is sanitized.  I do not go out unless necessary and I follow procedures to prevent picking up the virus.  The population here in Austin are staying home and are limited to travel for only medical and food necessities to which my wife and I adhere.  You should however as with anything you receive in the mail take precautions.  I have no control over what the post office does and who handles the package once it leaves my possession. 

This will pass.  Until then please adhere to any federal and local regulations concerning the virus.

God bless you and yours, Uncle George