I will accept returns for refunds that are post-marked no later than 10 days after the USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation date which is the day that USPS logs your shipment as delivered.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Returns must be in new condition. So if you’re unsure as to keeping the holster, try it out gently.  I realize that can’t be accomplished without inserting the pistol in the holster and into your pocket and giving your draw a try.  Just go easy and be mindful of its condition. Don’t apply any leather softening products or make any other modifications to the holster.  This will void your refund.

Returns for refunds require a return authorization number.  To obtain a return authorization number contact me.  My email is faithfully checked daily 7 days a week.  Be advised that you do not have 10 days after you have received your authorization number. You are still limited to the 10 day return requirement stated above.  10 days is plenty of time to make a decision to keep the holster or return it.  Sorry, but requests to extend the 10 day return limit for any reason will be denied.  If I receive a holster return without an authorization number you will be refunded however it will most likely be delayed.

Return Shipping Address.  Contact Me and you will receive the Return Shipping Address to mail your holster to.  Also you will receive your required return authorization number.

If you are past the 10 day return limit there will be no refund for any reason even if the box hasn’t been opened.  Again, 10 days is a reasonable amount of time to make your decision to keep or return the holster.

Shipping and handling costs are not refundable unless your reason for return is due to an error on my part.  Leather bags are shipped free but buyer pays for return postage.

Buyer pays for return postage unless for some reason the return is due to an error on my part and in that case I will reimburse you.  I do not provide return shipping labels.  Be sure before you order that you have your pistol and are sure that it is the pistol you plan on keeping for that purpose before ordering.

I do not make exchanges.  Simply return the holster within the 10 day limit and you will be refunded promptly.  You can then reorder the holster that you wish.  An exception is that I sent you the wrong holster.  In that case contact me for a return authorization number and return the holster.  And as soon as I receive the holster, not before I receive it, I will promptly send out the correct holster with a reimbursement for the shipping in the box.

Keep your box with the return form in it in case you decide to return the holster.  I suggest that you ship your holster USPS, First Class Mail.  Oddly enough, Priority Mail costs a bit more but has proven that it will not get to me faster.    First Class Mail includes tracking and delivery confirmation for your peace of mind.  You do not need to send me the tracking number unless there is a problem.

The Return Form is helpful to get a prompt refund to your account.  Please use it to your advantage. If you do not have the form make sure the following information is in the box otherwise I will not be able to refund you. Purchaser’s Name, Shipping Address, Purchaser’s email address, phone number (optional) and a few words as to the reason for the return.  Make sure to include your return authorization number.  Contact me for the Return Shipping Address and the return authorization number.

There are no Official Distributors of Uncle George’s Wallet Holsters.  Refunds and service are available only to those who have purchased their holster through me via Paypal which has a record of the transaction.  If you have obtained your holster elsewhere then that seller should be contacted concerning any returns, refunds or whatever.

If you find that the fit of your holster is a bit tight I would suggest that you view the “breaking-in a holster” page as it might prove to be helpful and informative before deciding to return the holster.

I have made every effort to use the best cowhides available but even they occasionally have small variations in grain smoothness, minor vein markings and such.  Such variations indicate the authenticity of good leather and do not hinder the function or durability of the holster.  I consider my wallet holsters to be a utility holster that will normally be concealed from view with a daily used utility grade pistol residing in it.  I strive to make my wallet holsters look good and be of professional long lasting quality and for you to be pleased with it.


You are the one responsible for the safe and competent handling of your pistols and other firearms and their accessories such as holsters.  Be aware of , and always follow the basic rules of firearm safety.  Be sure to always unload your pistol when checking to see if your pistol fits a holster.  Always make sure you unload your pistol before practicing your draw.  Do not use a wallet holster if there is any contact or there is any movement of the trigger when you draw or reholster your pistol.

When you purchase any of Uncle George’s wallet holsters you are acknowledging that all firearms by nature are dangerous and that you are solely responsible for the safe use of the firearm and its accessories and that you fully release Uncle George, owner and maker of Uncle George’s Wallet Holsters, from any and all liability for accidents or injuries relating to the use of the wallet holster or firearm.

CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!