CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!


This is a holster for the popular Ruger LCP MAX.  None of the other LCPs will fit this holster correctly. They are for right-hand only as magazine release button sticks out enough that in a left-handed holster the release button would be activated when pushed up against the back holster panel.  Dimensions for this holster are the same as the holster for the Ruger LCP.  5-14 inches tall by 4-3/16 inches wide.


Before making a purchase be sure to check out my Left or Right-hand holster page so that you will be confident that you are ordering the correct holster.  Make sure what you think is a right-handed holster is what I consider a right-handed holster.

NOTE: This holster only fits the Ruger LCP MAX can be ordered from the PayPal cart below.

Price is $45.00 (plus $4.50 non-refundable shipping and handling).  Texas residents 8.25% sales tax will be added.

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