I only ship to addresses within the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  I do not ship to any United States territories such as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and the Mariana Islands.  Also I do not ship to APO, FPO and DPO addresses.

I only ship via USPS, First Class Mail with tracking number/delivery confirmation.  I strive to ship next day but is not guaranteed.  Weekend orders most times ship the following Monday.  USPS is closed on certain holidays which will delay shipping usually by one day.  No overnight express mail, no guaranteed next day delivery, no guaranteed delivery dates, no same day shipping, no expedited shipping of any method even with offer to pay extra.  No UPS or FedEx.

USPS First Class Mail claims 2 to 5 days delivery.  Depending on where you are from Austin and your local area USPS routing of packages it is sometimes less but most times it does fall within the 2 to 5 days.  If you contact me to ask me when you will receive your holster, I will only be able to inform you of the same information provided here.  There is just no way I can predict when you’ll get it after it has been shipped.  USPS has been very reliable.

Be sure to check your shipping address in your Paypal account or on your Paypal order to see that it is correct and up to date.  I ship to the address supplied to me by Paypal via your order.  If you have an account and your address has changed and you have not updated it, it is up to you to change your Paypal Shipping Address. Only you can do that via Paypal.  I cannot change the shipping address on the box or with USPS once it has been shipped.  In this case you may not get your holster delivered to you.  It is your responsibility that I have the correct shipping address before it is shipped.  I am a prompt shipper.  You cannot get refunded if you have not provided the correct shipping address and you don’t get your holster.  Sometimes the holsters are returned to me undeliverable and sometimes they just get lost.

Changing Shipping Address.  You must do this through Paypal.  If you are having problems changing your shipping address in Paypal you may have to contact them to do so.  Contact them by phone 1-888-221-1161.  I do not have control over anything concerning your personal account information in Paypal.  If you wish you can use the “instructions to seller” option when making your purchase in Paypal to indicate to me the new shipping address that you would like your holster to be shipped to.  Or, you can contact me to inform me of a change of shipping address.  Either way, make sure you do this either prior to placing your order with Paypal or immediately after you submit your order.  I am a very prompt shipper. With either method I can only change the address on the shipping label that will be placed on your box.  Your shipping address in Paypal can only be changed by you.  Again, I cannot change your shipping address on your package once it is delivered to USPS.

I do not offer Signature Confirmation.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide a shipping address that has a secure mail box that USPS can deposit either the package or a Pick-up-Package notice whether it be a residential or business or post office mailbox.  If you do not have confidence that you can receive either your package or a USPS Pick-up-Package notice at your mailing address then have it sent to a mailing address that you are more sure of its deliverability and security.  When you order you are agreeing to this delivery method and to the buyer responsibilities implied.

Box dimensions for 1 holster: 2-3/8″ tall x 5-3/8″ wide x 7-3/4″ long. Box dimentions for 2 holsters: Same as above only 4-3/8″ tall.

I ship in a sturdy double-walled box that will fit in most standard regulation round top mail boxes that are commonly mounted on posts near the street accross the nation.  There are no obvious indications on the box that it contains a holster.  If your box will not fit in your mailbox, the USPS carrier will usually leave a package pick-up notice in your mail box.  Please note if you put a note in your mail box indicating that you want your package delivered next door the carrier will more than likely not deliver it as the address would be different than on the box that was shipped with USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation.  This has occurred and the box was returned as undeliverable even though it had the correct address on it.

I purchase and print out the Paypal Shipping Label as soon as I get your order from Paypal but only adhere the label to the box and don’t actually ship it until it is ready to go.  This is usually the next day but not guaranteed.  If you get a notice from Paypal that says it has been shipped it is probably premature on their part.  Sometimes they send out a “product shipped” notice automatically as the shipping label is purchased and printed out from their website even though the product has not been actually shipped.  Paypal does not do the shipping, I do when it is ready to go and that is most times by the next day.  You may not see any tracking information until USPS actually scans the package into their system

 I consider that your order has been delivered if the USPS tracking information indicates that it has been delivered to the address on your Paypal order.  If the USPS tracking information indicates that your order has been delivered and you have not received it, any inquiries should be directed to your local USPS office.  Their own tracking information indicates that USPS had it last.  If you experience a delivery problem with USPS and need to confirm the shipping address on the package, contact me and I will email you a copy of the Paypal Shipping Receipt that has the shipping address on it that is on the package.  I will accommodate this only if there is a need to resolve a delivery problem with USPS.  Sometimes, and this has happened, you might find that your local carrier still has it on his delivery vehicle for “whatever reason” or perhaps you might inquire of your neighbors or your apartment manager if applicable.  There is nothing I can do at that point to remedy the situation.  Contact your local USPS.  I must say that so far my 12 years experience using USPS for shipping my orders has been smooth and practically error free.

CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!