Suzanna Hupp

I dedicated a page on my website to Suzanna Hupp who witnessed the Luby’s Cafeteria mass shooting in 1991 in Killeen, Texas where she witness her parent’s lives being taken by a crazed individual with a gun.  Suzanna has been instrumental in the Texas Legislature in passing a bill legalizing conceal carry in Texas.

Thank you from me, my family and relatives and my fellow Texans who today because of your efforts are currently able to legally keep our pistols on us and not have to leave them in our vehicles when dining out.  Uncle George

CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!