CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw!
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!

  I was formerly a sponsor of the Elsie Pea Forum which changed ownership and is now the Ruger Pistol Forum. As a sponsor I had a section where folks could post feedback about my wallet holsters. The new owners of the forum ubersubstantially raised the cost of sponsorship and reduced the ad space making it not worth the cost anymore for me. Under the new ownership the forum has remained a good source of information for concealed carry weapons and I recommend it.
  I collected a good sampling of the feedback and testimonials that was posted on the forum over a 4 year period before I declined to renew my sponsorship and am offering some of it below.  Hope you find these as helpful to you as they have been encouraging to me.  Thank you for your responses!

Testimonials and Feedback

January 4, 2023:  I have used your holster for my Kahr CW380 and have really liked it.  Do you make a holster for the Ruger LCP Max .380? Thanks, MH.   Yes I do. Uncle George

November 11, 2022:  Thank you for continuing making your holsters.  I have worn your Ruger LCP holster for several years and am glad to see you have made a holster for the Ruger Max.  I purchased the holster and I like it and will be wearing it daily.  God Bless, Billl in NM

September 13, 2022:  I just want to compliment you on your product.  I just ordered my fifth pocket holster, this time for an LCP. Your holster holds up quite well.  I carry almost every day with them and have had them for years.   Good Job!  Thanks, Mark in Indianapolis.

February 22, 2022:  Perfect fit for my Ruger Max.  Will be ordering one for my dad.  Thanks.  Pete in AK.

December 20, 2021:  Just in time for Christmas.  Thanks for the quick shipping!  Fits my pistol perfect and will be my daily carry.  Bob in Dallas

August 2, 2021:  Hey George, got the holster and is perfect?  This is my third one.  Consistent quality.  Another good one!  Keep up the good work!  Dana in MD

May 22, 2021:  thanks!  your pocket holster and a Seecamp is my best “no excuse to not have a firearm” rig.  And to think such a nice pocket holster comes from “the People’s Republic of Austin”!  M. in Ohio.

April 11, 2021:  Dear Uncle George,  I just wanted to say I’m delighted with my new holster. I purchased the SW Bodyguard Wallet Model with the green laser trigger add on. Not only is the craftsmanship superb the fit and finish is second to none.  I am a veteran Law Enforcement Officer serving with 2 different agencies spanning the last 33 years. I purchased the SW Bodyguard as a backup weapon since I carry either a Glock 22 or 23 at all times. I live and work in NY so doing as of recent times is paramount. Nevertheless, I just wanted to thank you personally for providing me with such an excellent product which I truly feel confident using on a daily basis.  Sincerely, Michael

March 6, 2021:  Hello, Just wanted to say this is my second purchase. My original one is still in excellent condition. I have been using it for about seven years. Buying another one for my girlfriend. I am sure I have a dozen holsters for conceal carry…maybe more.  It’s a lifestyle. It has to be easy, comfortable and functional.  I have tried them all. And nothing comes close to function and comfort of your holster.  I am often in dress clothes. It really limits what holster I can use. Yours, looks just like a wallet.  It’s fantastic, especially when dressed in a professional manner.  Best regards,  Shawn S., Ohio

January 12, 2021: Hello again George,  I got the holster today and my 380 bodyguard fits perfect, l like it.  Thanks Ed 

October 8, 2020:  I’ve been using your LCP holster for 6 months, and I love it!  I’m a skinny guy, and this is the only holster I’ve found that doesn’t stand out as an obvious lump.  I try to show it off to anyone looking into concealed carry holsters. I’m adding a laser, and my first thought was looking to see what you offered.  I just ordered your laser holster, and then went back and got the laser you designed for – your holster was the most important part!  Thanks again, keep up the good work.  Mitch R.

October 3, 2020:  Howdy Uncle George.  My holster arrived today, and I want to thank you for the quick shipment.  I’m still waiting for my pistol to arrive, but my UG holster is ready to go when the gun gets here!  I’ve been carrying my Ruger LCP Custom for the past four years in a UG holster, and it’s like my pocket knife.  I don’t leave the house without it.  I’m looking forward to doing the same with my new S&W Bodyguard.  Keep up the good work, and thanks again!  Randy D.

September 29, 2020: Hello George, Just letting you know that you have another satisfied customer!  I replaced my DeSantis with your holster for my Ruger LCP and absolutely love it!  I barely feel it in my pocket regardless if I am wearing jeans, dockers or dress pants and it is always stable and in the correct position.  Thus, I carry nearly 100% of the time now.  What an upgrade!  Thanks.  Very Sincerely,  Ed T. Klamath Falls, Oregon

August 12, 2020:  Uncle George,  I recently purchased a holster from you for my Kahr CW380.  I was looking for a deep concealment option and this fit the bill perfectly.  Well made, nice fit and no thicker/heavier than necessary.  My son is in the process of applying for his pistol permit.  Once it comes thru I’ll be steering him toward a couple of ambidextrous 380s (he is a lefty) and your company.  Sincerely, Ed in Conneticut.

May 14, 2020:  Good afternoon Uncle George.  I’ve been wearing your wallet holster for my Seecamp for about a week now, and it is an absolute pleasure to carry. The profile is identical to a wallet! I’ve carried other brands’ wallet holsters and wish I had gotten yours to begin with! There’s no comparison or competition as far as I’m concerned. And shipping was quick – within a week! Just wanted to say thank you. Take care!  Sincerely, Cory in Alabama.

March 10, 2020:  Hey George,  Justa note of thanks!!  Holster arrived today.  Pistol seats completely, and draws easily with two fingers.  I’m sure it will improve with use, but it’s hard to envision how.  Great product, great service!!!  Thanks again!  Ed in Maryland

February 22, 2020:  My new Ruger LCP II fits perfectly in my new holster.  It was recommended from a friend and am glad I made the purchase.  I have been wearing it almost daily since Christmas and couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you.  Louis M. in Portales, New Mexico.

December 5, 2019:  Glad to see you’re making holsters for the Sig Sauer P238.  I have been waiting. (grin) Your holsters are great!  Will tell my buddies. Hope to see one for the Micro 9mm. (hint)  Keep up the good work and best wishes.  Mark in PA.

November 2, 2019:  Just wanted you to know that my new holster for my Kahr with the Crimson Trace Laser is perfect!  I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a laser because just like you my old eyes are not what they used to be.  I feel more confident with having the laser.  I really can’t tell much difference in my pocket with the laser.  Thank you sir.  Your videos were very informative. Keep up the good work!  Thomas. J.  Retired USAF Colorado.

October 22, 2019:  A friend showed me his holster from you for his Kel-tec P32 and highly recommended it.  Ordered one for mine and got it quickly.  Glad I did!  Just what I was needing.  Thanks Uncle George!  Charlie D. in Pittsburgh

October 19, 2019:  My Keltec P32 fits perfect in my holster.  Looks great and fits my back pocket perfect.  Easy to forget it is there.  Thank you.  Will spread the word.  Very nice!  Greg T.  Arizona

Sept 21, 2019:  Thank you for the quick shipping.  I carried my LCP for several years in your holster and it served me well.  I changed to a Kahr P380 with a laser and was pleased to see you still make holsters and had one for my new pistol.  I am sure it will also serve me well.  Looks great, keep up the great work!  John P. in California.

July 14, 2019:  Would you consider making a wallet-style holster for the Kimber Micro 9?  I own 3 of your holsters and they are so thin that they are just perfect.  i have to apologize because i use them for guns other than what they are  designed for (don’t ask me about my LCP2…) and i sometimes use your wallet holsters in the front pocket or cargo pocket.  You are the only craftsman i’ve found who makes pocket holsters out of thin leather.  I use your holsters, while all the others sit in a box.  Your holsters are the best pocket carry holsters I’ve found in 9 years of looking.  Thanks for what you do!  Sincerely, Aaron B.

July 10, 2019:   Hello Uncle George.  I wanted to send you a note to thank you for sending the P380 Holster so quickly. I am very pleased with the professional service given. I purchased the P380 with Laser Holster and right of the box, the P380 slipped right on in there , like it is supposed to. It was like it was preformed to fit. I still ran a hair dryer on it to try for a even better fit. I don’t think I really needed to do that. I am very pleased with the Holster. I wore my P380 to a restaurant today and it was very comfortable to wear. I will be carrying more often now. The Belly Band was getting too hot to wear here in FL. Thanks again,  CW

June 25, 2019:  Many thanks for the updates.  I have several of your excellent holsters and have never been disappointed with the quality.  Best wishes.  Roy J.

November 2, 2018:  Hey George, thanks for the great holster and quick shipping.  Fits my LCP perfectly.  Feels great in my hip pocket.  Comfortable to wear and hardly notice it’s there.  Ted R.  Detroit, Michigan

October 16, 2018:  Hello Uncle George, I just received your holster for my new Taurus Spectrum.  It fit perfectly and it is a strong, quality product.  I am so glad you decided to make a holster for the Taurus Spectrum and I’m amazed how fast you did it.  I had searched the web repeatedly looking for a suitable holster for the Spectrum but did not find anything that I liked.  I knew you were a skilled craftsman because you had made an excellent holster for my P32 KelTec. Thanks so much!  The Spectrum holster is superb!  Marshall T.

October 10, 2018:  Hi George. Just wanted to let you know that I am more than happy with the holsters I bought. I have two for Kahr CM9. 1 with laser and 1 without. I am using the without laser holster to carry my Glock 43. Perfect fit. Wear in my front jean pocket and let me tell you . It is sweet. Thank you for the great holster and great communication also. It has been a pleasure being a customer. I will refer you to my friends for certain. Have a great day.  Tim B.  Las Vegas, Nevada

September 12, 2018:  Hello George. I received my hogue handle grip today and can positively attest that it 100% works with your wallet holster. 100% perfectly.  Thanks.  Joseph G.

August 13, 2018:  George, Thank you for your skill, design, and customer service to the armed USA carry citizen. Your wallet style holster is what is needed for the market. I can say that after using your product for only a few days. That’s why I have ordered another wallet holster for another gun of mine. Thank you,  David L.

July 27, 2018: Thanks George – this is my second holster I recommended to a customer. I carry my original everywhere.  Keep up the good work!  MM.  Fort Mill, South Carolina

June 16, 2018:   Holster received – it’s beautiful and it fits perfectly.  Couldn’t be more pleased and it’s a bargain besides!  Blessings to you, sir.  GB.  Huntsville, Alabama

June 6, 2018:  Just received the holster today, Gotta say outstanding fit and finish! Thanks for the quality product!  David G.  Radcliffe, Kentucky

April 4, 2018:  Hello George. I received the holster for my S&W M&P Bodyguard with Crimson Trace laser. It is awesome. I watched your video about molding it with the hair dryer, followed your instructions and it worked out great. I will certainly keep my ear to the ground and refer anyone looking for a holster to you.  A few of the men in my church and I are currently setting up a security team and will be conceal carrying. I’m sure any of them with pistol models you make holsters for will be contacting you. Thanks so much, God Bless you and yours, Chuck H. Pennsylvania

March 13, 2018:  George, I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a holster for my new Kel-Tec on Saturday. Today is Monday and I’ve already received it, and was really impressed with the quality of the holster. Additionally, the holster was preformed for my gun.
Now, I’m going to follow all of your instructions, but I am super impressed already and will refer you to all my friends! Thanks for such a great product and such excellent service.  Steve G.

February 4, 2018:  George.  Received my pocket carry for my Pico.  When I watched your video clip on how easy you retrieved your pistol from your rear pocket I had my doubts I could be that smooth.  I am so surprised and pleased with the ease and quickness I can be in a protected mode using your holster.  The stiff leather makes it very easy to retrieve quick and safe.  Thank you for a quality product!  Best regards, Ron R.

February 3, 2018:  Hello George, I purchased your wallet holster for my Taurus 738 TCP .380 several years ago.  The holster has held up well after riding in my pants back pocket or the rear of my sweaty bicycle jersey.  The holster still fits the Taurus like a glove.  I occasionally rub in a bit of leather preservative. Not a bit of buyer’s remorse for me.  Thanks for a well made product.  Steve S. from Boerne, Texas.

January 5, 2018:  Thank you!  I received my wallet holster and it’s great.  What a perfect match with the lcp and the crimson….I got the laser for Christmas.  That’s the only reason I didn’t order sooner.  It’s a perfect combo, you totally forget it’s even in your pocket.  Happy New Year!  Thanks again!  Keith K.

December 5, 2017:  Thanks! You are fast.  Also, just wanted you to know that this is my second holster (this time for a gift).  I purchased one for my Kahr 380 from you several years ago and it still looks good and functions beautifully.  My every day holster when I pocket carry.  You do great work!  Regards, Darren

September 2, 2017:  Just a note to say “thanks” for the great pocket holster I bought for my Ruger LCP a while back.  It proved to be a quality piece, highly functional, very practical & comfortable.  It still looks great & brand new even after a number of years of owning it.  I’m proud to own it.  Brian H.

September 1, 2017:  My name is Tony F.  and I just purchased one of your holsters for my Ruger LCP.  Just wanted to let you know I have been carrying it for 2 days now and it’s the best pocket holster I have ever used for my LCP.  Thanks for making a quality piece that works!  I will not leave home without my LCP ever again.  Thanks!

July 8, 2017:  Just wanted to say thank you for the holster very well made and fits like a glove and fast shipping.  I will be ordering more from your site.  Keep up the good work!  Steve I.

May 7, 2017:  Hello Uncle George,
I had to write you to express my absolute satisfaction with the wallet holster my wife bought me for my Kahr CW380. The holster is perfect in appearance, quality of materials, design and craftsmanship. Upon arrival, the holster had a very tight fit yet still allowed for a smooth draw. One thing I was worried about is my CW380 is the Tungsten special edition model which comes with taller sights than the standard P380/CW380 bar-dot sights. My worry was for naught, the pistol fits perfectly. I couldn’t be happier and fully endorse your product. It is nice to see there are still craftsmen producing quality goods at a fair price. A happy customer, Christopher P.

April 31, 2017:  Hey George, Love your no bullsh*t website! Wish you made holsters for other guns, as I love the one I have for the S&W Bodyguard! Wish others could be as frank and open as you are – very refreshing! Best! Chuck B.

April 3, 2017:  George, thanks for sending so fast and making such a great holster. I bought one for my first pistol which i loved my pico. Now hand problems make me unable to rack it. Was deciding between sw mp 380 and ruger lcp II. Decided to go with a much safer trigger in the sw bodyguard. After i ordered the new holster i saw your comments about the lcp II. I guess great minds think alike! Thanks again for your great wallet holster. Robert S.

January 14, 2017:  Uncle George,
Received my holster for my 2nd generation LCP. Looks great and am very pleased with it and have been wearing it every day. I couldn’t agree more on your stance on the new LCP II trigger. I tried one out and came to the same conclusion. Hopefully Ruger will keep selling the older 2nd Gen LCP. Keep up the good work! Randy – Aurora, CO

January 12, 2017:  I’ve been using your holster for my LCP for a while now and absolutely love it. I’m a utilities contractor in Chicago. I work in some of the worst neighborhoods usually at night and I carry my Glock 19 in a raw dog IWB holster and my LCP in your wallet holster as a backup. I’m a legal CCW in IL. Your holster is so comfortable sometimes I forget that it is even back there. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. I’m turning on some of my co workers to CCW and if any are considering a small sub compact pistol such as the LCP or Bodyguard I will definitely refer them to your holster. Chicago, Illinois

December 30, 2016:  Sir. Five years ago I purchased one of your holsters for my LCP. In that time, it has been a very rare occasion that I did no have the LCP/UG holster on my person–period. Even when I had other weapons on my person, the LCP/UG holster was always in my pocket. I have considered purchasing the LCP II if its as good as the “experts” say it is and you decide to make the holster. Without your holster, the LCP II for me is not going to happen. This is a FYI email only. Thanks for the superb holster. Larry C. – LT/Col. USMC Ret.

November 28, 2016:  Hello George,
I have been using the holster since it arrived. Fits the Pico just fine. You do quality work! thanks, Jim S – Coppell, TX

July 7, 2016:  UG,
My holster arrived today! Thanks for the super fast delivery. I love the holster. Now I need to practice my draw…with an unloaded gun, of course. John P – Alabama

July 2, 2016:  George,Thank you for making my new wallet holster. I am simply amazed at how well it fits my Ruger and while using gives the outline and impression of nothing but a wallet in my back pocket. I am VERY happy with my purchase!! Dan N – FL

June 28, 2016:  I ordered the holster on Friday and received it on Tues. I’m pleased with this little gem of a holster! Looks great! I watched your videos which was a great help. I showed my brother and now he wants one. Thank you Uncle George! Jim D – Florida

June 23, 2016:  Hello, “Uncle George”, I have had my UG wallet holster for some time now and have been meaning to thank you for a great product. I bought the holster for my LCP. Since then I have upgraded to the LCP Custom. Your holster accommodates that pistol with no problems whatsoever. David

May 14, 2016:  Received the holster. Perfect fit again. Thanks, Jerry – Illinois

May 11, 2016:  Just received your wallet holster for kahr p380. Fantastic! Just thought you should know. Howard S.

May 3, 2016:  George,
You may have a ten day return policy. However….I want you to know that you will NOT be getting mine back. I really like this carry device. Thanks, Mark G.

May 2, 2016:  I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the black leather holster I bought from you several years ago. When I first got it it was a little stiff and I thought it was not going to work. After about 2 weeks of carrying I could feel the leather starting to limber up kinda like a good ball glove does after use. Anyway, I still carry this gun and holster every day and believe me it is just as nice now as when it was new. You’ve got a winner as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work as I will be referring both my sons soon. Mike

March 14, 2016:  George, just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my KR CTL holster. It is very refreshing to purchase a Made in USA product and have it perform as advertised and live up to expectations. Top quality material, perfect in every way. I am carrying a Kahr P380 that I machined the slide release down to a more reasonable size. Holster is conforming nicely. Very comfortable. I can’t tell you how many times I get ready for bed and find the Kahr still in my pocket. I don’t even think about it during the day. Again, thanks for an excellent product. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Randy

February 24, 2016:  Uncle George,
I have received my holster, and I have to say that it is great! It’s very high quality, and the fit is second to none. This holster makes me want to buy another pocket gun. Maybe the 380 LCP since it’s smaller than my 9mm. Anyway, I really appreciate you making these holsters. Good old fashion American quality. JJ

January 29, 2016:  I am very impressed with my new holster for my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380. I tried a few different pocket holsters and was never real happy with how they sat in my pocket. A friend of mine told me about wallet style holsters and after a fair amount of looking around I saw a recommendation for Uncle George. I ordered a couple weeks ago and it was delivered quickly. Perfect fit, super comfortable, quality craftsmanship and after a few days with it in my pocket I sometimes “forget” it’s there. Looks like I have a wallet or a cell phone in my back pocket. I have recommended this to some of my friends and will recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect way to carry a pocket pistol. Thank you George for doing such a great job and also for all of the great content and information on your website!  Sincerely, Bill

CAUTION: Unload your pistol before practicing your draw.
  ALWAYS make sure your pistol is seated properly in your wallet holster before putting it in your pocket.
  NEVER carry anything else in your pocket with your pistol and wallet holster. 
Also NEVER holster your pistol while your holster is in your pocket!